November 8th, 2014

55 artists 55 necklaces

Tinsel and the Liz Loubser Gallery, both leaders in the field of contemporary South African jewellery, are pleased to announce their collaboration on a new collection of necklaces by some of the country’s most talented designers. The gallery will be the new home of Tinsel as from January 2015, so we feel that this is the perfect exhibition on which to join forces. Each piece is an original, one-of-a-kind necklace which hasn’t been exhibited before, so this show presents a unique opportunity to see a very varied collection of the highest quality design and workmanship, which has been carefully curated by Liz Loubser, Geraldine Fenn and Eric Loubser. The necklaces on display are made from a variety of different precious and unusual materials, using a wide range of technical skills and design styles. EXHIBITION RUNNING TIME: Saturday 8 November 2014 - 29 November 2014.

Participating Artists

Adele Pretorius,Alexandra Hyslop,Amanda Marais,Angela Tolkien,Anine Roos,Anna Raimondo,Anna Manaczynski,Annemiek van Dyk,Ashley Heather,Cailin Els,Cari-Mari Wilsenach,Carien Ackermann,Carien Terreblanche,Carla Kruger,Chris de Beer,Elizabeth van der Merwe,Eric Loubser,Erica du Plessis,Erika Wessels,Errico Cassar,Estelle Lourens,Geraldine Fenn,Heidi Liebenberg,Hermien van Staden,Ida Elsje Olivier,Idane Burger,Inge Marais,Joanie Groenewald,Kallie Esterhuizen,Karien van Langelaar,Kira Levy,Kristen Malan,Linda Cameron-Dow,Liz Loubser,Marchand van Tonder,Mariet van Zyl,Marlene de Beer,Maryke Schutte,Meagan Meredith,Nanette Veldsman,Nic Bladen,Nicola Savage,Nora Kovats,Philippa Green,Rachelle Poon,Ronel Bauermeister,Samantha Vincent,Situ Diamond Jewellery,Siviwe Jali,Songezo Baleni,Therese de Villiers.