September 5th, 2015

Fragmented Mnemonics

By Joani Groenewald

Tinsel Gallery is proud to present this solo show of contemporary jewellery by Joani Groenewald, featuring work created as part of her Master’s degree in Fine Art at Stellenbosch University.
Here is some information about the work:

In this research project Joani Groenewald studies memory, specifically the unstable and fragmented nature of memory. She revisits a specific childhood memory and recreates it visually through the creation of jewellery pieces and objects. The memory is from 1990, she is four years old. The memory becomes a story for the viewer and the jewellery objects become a visual interpretation that contains traces of moments in the memory. The memory seems to be that of an ordinary day in the life of a child, but there is something uncomfortable within the memory. In the detail the complex cultural, socio, economic and political circumstances is visible and brought to the foreground. The question of time, place, reality and truth are ideas that the viewer is confronted with. The beauty of the objects enhances the tension between the pure, impure, clean and stained. The stained and worn material research signifies the unraveling of memories. Her jewellery objects are sensitive and seductive: they deceive the viewer, just as memories do.
Here is some information about the artist:

Joani Groenewald was born in Port Elizabeth in 1986. She graduated with a Bachelor in Visual Art (Creative Jewellery- and Metal Design) degree from Stellenbosch University in 2009. She enrolled in the graduate training programme in 2010 where she worked as an apprentice goldsmith for two years, after which she qualified as a goldsmith. In March 2015 she successfully completed her Masters in Visual Arts degree at Stellenbosch University, achieving a distinction. Currently Joani is lecturing undergraduate students in the Creative Jewellery and Metal Design division at Stellenbosch University’s Visual Arts Department. Joani views contemporary jewellery as a medium through which one can critically reflect upon our social and political environments. Her research interests are memory studies specifically in relation to a South African context. Joani continues to make art that feeds to and from these research interests. Her art questions the stability of memory and narrative while also challenging the traditional function of jewellery.