April 22nd, 2017


A solo show of new work by Geraldine Fenn.

Widely regarded as one of the best contemporary jewellers in South Africa today, Geraldine Fenn is having her first solo show at Tinsel Gallery. Although she has participated in many of our group shows, she hasn’t exhibited on her own until now.

For this show - Non-Compliance - Geraldine has taken a departure from her usual very figurative pieces to create a highly original body of work that breaks a lot of traditional jewellery-making rules. The pieces in the collection, mainly rings, are very sculptural with a strong haptic quality, and are constructed in quite a rough way. From a design point of view, the pieces are a nod to some of the great jewellery design eras, such as Art Deco, but are rendered in an idiosyncratic brutalist style. The roughness of the crafting process is nicely counterbalanced by the delicacy of the precious stones and metals used - she has successfully managed to produce a highly wearable collection of jewels that are far from ordinary.