October 10th, 2015

Precious Obsession

Tinsel is pleased to announce that we will be hosting the 4th edition of Precious Obsession, an initiative for promoting local contemporary jewellery that was started earlier this year by young Stellenbosch graduates Carla Kruger, Phoebe du Preez and Anna Rosholt.
The exhibition will feature the work of 14 bright talents in South Africa’s jewellery scene, some of them more established and others freshly graduated, in response to the theme of “Popularity vs Originality”. This is a particularly relevant issue for young designers these days to get to grips with: do you make derivative work (like what you might find on Pinterest) that will have popular appeal and be easier to sell, or do you make more authentic, original work that is more interesting but might not earn you a living?
Since Tinsel has always been passionate about getting good local contemporary jewellery out there, and growing our audience for this type of work, we are excited about the potential that an exhibition such as this has for exposing people to more challenging and thought-provoking jewellery.

Please join us for the opening of the show on Saturday the 10th of October.