March 28th, 2015

Two of a kind

by Dieter Dill and Katrijn Engelen

Tinsel is proud to present an exceptional collection of jewellery from husband and wife team Dieter Dill and Katrijn Engelen. The pair, based in Germany, are veterans of the contemporary jewellery scene: they have taken part in countless exhibitions and have pieces in several important collections all over the world.
Having met at Stellenbosch in the late seventies – he the head of the jewellery department and she his student and then fellow-lecturer – Dieter and Katrijn have a long and close association with South Africa, although they haven’t exhibited here in a while. Two of a Kind is consequently a highly anticipated show for their local collectors, who have followed their careers with interest over the years.
Although they have been working together for such a long time, and both have a clean and precise German aesthetic, they each have their own strongly-defined style: Dieter is a German-trained master goldsmith with exceptional technical ability whose work is very architectural, infused with a narrative element by the inclusion of tiny human figures; Katrijn’s work is more feminine, and she makes use of archetypal motifs like seed pods and flowers to symbolise hope, new beginnings and a latent life-force.