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    May 19th, 2018


    After graduating with Honours in Jewellery Design and Gemmology from Stellenbosch University in Cape Town, Anna accepted the prestigious scholarship for a Master of Design in Milan at the Richemont Group’s Creative Academy. She then completed an intense three-month internship as a designer for the world-renowned Chloe brand, working in the leather department. Thereafter, Anna spent some time working and travelling in and around the UK and Australia before returning home to Cape Town in 2010 to launch her brand SMITH.

    This is what she has to say about the inspiration for the work on this solo show:

    This body of work actually started taking shape over four years ago on my honeymoon in Thailand. My husband and I did a diving course there and I was so enthralled with all I saw on and around the reefs. Since then I have been spending a lot more time by/in the ocean and no matter where I am there is always something that inspires me; whether it’s a piece of seaweed that’s washed up on the beach, the colours of shells or a weird organism in a rock pool.

    This body of work is the culmination of experimentation with different techniques and materials to create unusual colours, forms and textures. Some pieces are quite literal interpretations of what I see, while others are more process based but my goal is that all my pieces will connect the wearer to the ocean in some way.”