• How do I find out my ring size?

We suggest getting an accurate ring size by visiting a local jeweller and having them measure it for you. See our ring sizing guide

  • What if I need my ring sized?

Most rings can be resized fairly easily, but if there are stones or engraving rather send it back to us for resizing than take it to another jeweller. You can always contact us to discuss it.

  • My promo code/voucher isn’t working, what do I do?

Please contact us at info@tinselgallery.com. 

  • Can I have a custom piece made?

Yes! That is our speciality, so feel free to contact us info@tinselgallery.com. 

  • Do you do engraving?

We outsource our engraving, but we can organise it for you or recommend somewhere for you to take it yourself.

  • Do you have all your products displayed online in-store?

Yes we do, and we often have additional pieces in the gallery that aren't on display online, so it's always worth a visit.

  • Can I return my order?

Yes you can, if the piece hasn't been worn and it's within 3 weeks of the purchase date. See our returns policy

  • Does Tinsel do repairs? 
We will gladly repair any item of jewellery purchased from us free of charge within 6 months of purchase, and we can also repair older pieces for a fee, which will depend on the damage.
  • How do I care for my jewellery?

Our pieces are pretty robust, but like all jewellery they need to be handled with a certain amount of care.

Silver jewellery tarnishes quite easily, and then it doesn't look so great. The best way to avoid pieces getting tarnished is to wear them often - the rubbing against your skin keeps the metal nice and shiny - and when you're not wearing them store them in a box away from direct sunlight. To remove tarnish the best thing is a polish cloth (you can get nice big ones for silverware at shops like Spilhaus) - stay away from chemical solutions.

Transparent cut stones will quickly look dull if they get dirty on the underside, so it's a good idea to give your stone rings and earrings a bit of a clean every now and then to restore the brilliance: to do this soak them in a bowl of hot water with some dishwashing liquid and brush them with an old toothbrush.